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Frequently Asked Questions

We use different technologies to solve different clients' requirements. Having said that, we will most likely use PHP to build our web solutions. We would also consider using J2EE for enterprise web application when needed.

We follow guidelines and techniques for search engine optimization (SEO). However, depending on the package you choose from us, we may not do all aspects of SEO. For more information, please contact us.

We do work with clients who are not based in Hong Kong. We have worked with clients from the US, France, Japan, and Mainland China and the projects were successful. We communicated via Skype, email, and other online tools. In addition, we discuss via phone if necessary.

Usually, we bill our clients depending on the size of the project. A typical mid-sized project would be separated into three different stages. We charge a non-refundable payment of 30% of the total cost at project kick-off. Halfway through the project when an unfinished demo is ready, we bill another 30%. Finally, we bill the remainder of the money at the end of the project when our clients accept it.

The price of a project depends on the effort required to design it. Each client has different requirements, so each project is priced differently. In order for us to charge our clients fairly, we estimate the time it takes to finish each requirement and charge our clients at an hourly rate.

With our team's experience and knowledge in web design, e-commerce, and graphic design, we have helped clients to achieve their business needs. Please explore our portfolio for a taste of some of our successes.

We have various promotions for clients. Please go to our Facebook page for more details。