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Online Social Networking Services

Social networking websites are networks that tie a group of individuals (or a group of organizations) together, usually by common interests. These may include friendships, hobbies, likes and dislikes, financial interests, sexual relationships, beliefs, and knowledge.

Online social networking websites allow these groups of individuals (or groups of organizations) to interact with each other directly online. Facebook and Twitter are the most common examples of online social networks.

Why do I need a social network website?

Got a new idea to become the next Facebook or Twitter? Social networks are one of the keys to online business nowadays. A social network is the best way to spread your thoughts and ideas to the online world.

Social Network

Why do I need to make my own social networking solution when I can just implement my idea onto a Facebook application?

It's different! If you make a Facebook application, your whole idea is limited by what a Facebook application can do. A custom social network tends to be larger scale and fits well within your organization. BeamStyle is also capable of developing Facebook applications if you feel your organization can benefit from them.

Why should I choose BeamStyle to build my social networking website?

BeamStyle has experience implementing robust customized social networking solutions. BeamStyle can customize your idea into a social network website and meet all your needs and requirements. Building a social networking website is similar to building a clubhouse in your town. What do you need from there? You want directions to your clubhouse, so people would be able to find you. You want to renovate your clubhouse so that it looks professional! BeamStyle is an expert at doing these things and gets you prepared for everything you need to make your online social networking website. We also know how to build it so that search engines such as Yahoo! and Google can easily find you. That is the key to social networking websites.