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What We Do

BeamStyle offers a wide range of one-stop shop, web-related services. Whether you want to build a product catalog, an e-commerce website, a professional blog, a corporate web site, an online social community or an interesting mobile application that you have come up with, the BeamStyle team can design and build one that is both suitable for you and your audiences at an affordable price.

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Why choose BeamStyle?

The BeamStyle team consists of experienced web designers located in Hong Kong with expertise in web site design and web site development. Not only do we develop visually stunning, easy-to-navigate, and professional web sites, but we also optimize your web site according to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guidelines. SEO is a set of techniques that improve web site traffic by maintaining significant exposure on search engines.

Four-Step Management

Four-Step Management

All projects at BeamStyle follow an iterative "four-step approach" for management control and continuous improvement of our services and products.

  • PLAN (Objectives and Break-down)
  • DO (Implementation)
  • CHECK (Quality Assurance)
  • ACT (Corrective Actions)

We are able to do all this at a perfect balance of price and quality. You can take a look at similar services offered by our competitors and you will find that our services trounce theirs in both price and quality. How do we do it? We are experts in web site design and we create web sites in the most efficient way.